For she so hated to move…

that she would almost rather set all her possessions on fire and start over.

I am going quite mad. For two weeks my kids have been ill while I have been packing the house. The baby screams and cries whenever I use the packing tape, by daughter complains and whines all day long, niether of them are taking naps, and it’s all I can do not to simply sit down and cry.

I don’t ever want to move again. It’s awful.

5 thoughts on “For she so hated to move…”

  1. let’s work through the set-it-all-afire scenario … no noisy tape, no need for a truck, nothing to put in the new house, get to start over with a clean slate, can redefine yourself as a minimalist!

    I couldn’t do it, I like my stuff. But I bitched and moaned moving across town. So, I might have had a Craigslist party by now …

    We’ll shower you with wine when you do finally make it through the other side of this.

  2. There is always the Open House Sale idea. Put up a sign and have people walk through and offer you anything you consider reasonable. Then you only have to take what’s left over.

    The worst part is all the little bits of stuff that you just wind up tossing into bags and boxes right at the end and then “losing” for months. Sorry it’s rough, kiddo! Many hugs for you virtually and then many MANY real ones when you get back.

  3. *many hugs* Soon! Granted, Soon! means that you have to finish in order for Soon! to happen, but when you get here you can come sit on my back porch and put your feet up.

  4. Moving is the worst! But before you know it, you’ll be all settled in back home and this will be but a distant memory.
    Hope it passes quickly!

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