Extreme Nursing…

It’s like extreme sports.

Instead of a snuggled bundle of baby joy sweetly nursing away I have a power nurser.

He nurses in down dog, he climbs across my stomach, he tries to sit on my head… all while nursing.

If I nurse him in my lap he will try and drape himself off of it and slide down to the floor. If I nurse him in bed he is kicking, climbing, and otherwise moving around. He also likes to pat my other breast, and present his foot for kissing, and stick his finger up my nose or in my mouth (thankfully not in that order.)

It would seem that he wants the closeness of nursing, but doesn’t want it to interfere with his busy schedule. I don’t understand the need to constantly move around but I am beginning to understand why mama dogs bite their puppies.

I have a puppy. A cavorting 33 pound puppy, clambering all over me.

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