Too much to do…

So it turns out starting a business is really hard to do and fairly time consuming. The past two weeks have been spent creating a website, writing a brochure, buying a domain name, setting up a Google Apps account and email address, creating a C.V., writing up introduction letters, assembling packets and delivering them all to the courts. Yesterday I delivered them to Denver County, Friday I hit Jeffco, and then Monday I plan to pepper Adams County with brochures. Hopefully all this will net me clients in need of a Child and Family Investigator and money to pay for one. Please send positive energy into the universe. I could use the good thoughts.

I have had a lot of help. Lesa gave me her Grand Central account so I have a business number that routes to my cellphone. She has also watched Otter and Monkey, as has Lee and Nama, while I run all over town getting this stuff done. (Thank you guys!!)

Oh yeah, and I was invited to join my mentor on a particularly challenging case to add to the resume as recent experience. Bless her amazing heart, this is a huge boon.
On the down side, there is little time for blogging. I miss you life giving blog!!!
At the moment I need to get Monkey into bed. Then I may sit and stare at a wall for a few minutes.

3 thoughts on “Too much to do…”

  1. With your talent for writing, presentation and of course, wit… I have no doubt it will be a roaring success.

    I am in a good mood as people have said nice things about my book and I want to spread the good vibes.



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