It’s like dating all over again…

48 hours ago I put on my best resume, a stunning linen cover letter with matching letterhead, and a full color glossy brochure. I went down to the courthouse to strut my stuff. I met some people who seemed as though they could be interested. I gave them my number. Now here I sit, waiting for the phone to ring.

Oh!! It rang! Is it GrandCentral??

Damn… just my mom. (No offense, Mom.)

Memories of dating push themselves into my mind. Getting all dolled up, going to a party, meeting some guy and thinking he’s cute, giving him my number when he asks for it. Then sitting, for days, perched near the phone with some book or something so I didn’t look like I was waiting for it to ring…

Will he call? Did he really like me? Maybe I was imagining things…

Shake Shake Shake C’mon! You’re a friggin adult starting a business, not some starry eyed singleton trying to date the hotty at the bar!!! Stand up! Shake it off!! DO NOT LOOK AT THE FRIGGIN PHONE AGAIN!

Ooohh!! It rang!! Is it GrandCentral???

No…. just my husband. Damn. (No offense honey.)

Maybe I used the wrong color of ink….

3 thoughts on “It’s like dating all over again…”

  1. I think I know how you feel. I interviewed twice for a job I didn’t get, but I keep looking at their Web site to see whether they’ve removed their want ad. It’s like cyberstalking the guy who blew you off. 🙁

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