Sorry I didn’t get to visit very many Weekly Winner’s posts yesterday, I was struck down by a horrible migraine right before my prime blogging time. So instead of ooohing over awesome image sets I was lying down in bed with the shades drawn and the lights off.

Eventually I was able to crochet a little, mainly because I can finally crochet well by feel.

I hate migraines. This year will mark the 21st birthday for my headaches. Now when I get them, I can take them to the bar and by them a drink. I can’t believe I have suffered from them for so long, and I still can’t believe that all medical science has been able to do is shake it’s head and throw up it’s hands in surrender.

I figure I should investigate new treatments again, but I am loathe to go through the inevitable MRI’s, CAT Scans, EMG’s, and other horrendous testing just to once again discover nothing that works. For some reason doctor’s always want to run me through the gamut of testing before they are willing to listen to me. The thought tires me out more than the headaches.

However, I do have more information. I do not get migraines while I am pregnant or in the most intense months of nursing. That would tell me there is something hormonal going on here. Maybe, just maybe I can find out what, and then finally stop having to work with dark sunglasses on and earplugs.

Until then, I am off. The screen is bright enough that I can’t really take anymore blogging today. See you all when the pain passes.

3 thoughts on “My…graines…”

  1. Have you ever tried any herbs or tinctures? My midwife recommended a tincture for my PMS symptoms; mainly to help with my mood swings, but it also helps with my headaches as well. I was just cursing myself for not taking it regularly this month because I have a raging headache now. And it made me think of you & your migraines.

    What Tracey recommended was called Female Balance & I get it at the Apothecary Tinctura on 6th Ave. The staff there is really great & could probably recommend something that might help.

    Mine is on a lesser scale than yours, but since they are both hormonal, just thought it might give you a starting place that you may not have tried yet.

    And I unfortunately have a plethora of knowledge about migraines because of Ben so if you want other ideas of areas to try, let me know & I will share.

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