Ahoy! ‘n Happy National Natterin’ like a Pirate Day!

I find this holiday t’ be one o’ th’ silliest in existence, which makes it by far one o’ th’ best.
So, may ye ‘ave th’ chance t’ drink, be merry, ‘n make someone who annoys ye walk th’ plank!

Happily, Otter nodded off better last night, so I snored meself some too. Thank ye all fer yer suggestions. I shall ‘ave t’ ponder th’ various options ‘n choose wha’ seems right fer us. He be teethin’ right now so me hopes ’tis a situational thin’, nah a habitual thin’.

On a funny note, Tailed imp (Monkey) ‘n I played school today. Th’ name she choose for teacher wa’ Miss Triss. Tee hee…. I had a really hard time keepin’ a straight face whilst we played. “Miss Triss? May I be usin’ the outhouse?”

Well, I be off t’ cook grub for me shipmates, a pirates work in the galley is never done!! Toss back some grog fer me!!

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