Weekly Winners…. crochet edition.


The holidays they are fast approaching. This year I plan to make many of my holiday gifts, either via the camera, or the crochet needle. Of course, I hate waiting to give people their presents, so the first holiday gift I made was promptly handed over to it’s intended recipient, who was then coerced into having her picture taken in said gift:

Voila! A sassy hat to die for!
Voila! A sassy hat to die for!

She was quite pleased with the colorful addition to her wardrobe.

A sassy side view
A sassy side view

Of course, I absolutely love that she loved it, and was tempted to make several more just to get another huge smile and thank you. Isn’t it awesome when your hard work and creativity are appreciated?

A portrait in green
A portrait in green

Next I had to snap a few shots of Mar and Miss L, darling baby girl that she is;

A mother and her daugter
A mother and her daughter
Mommy Kisses
Mommy Kisses
Kisses close up
Kisses close up

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14 thoughts on “Weekly Winners…. crochet edition.”

  1. I almost took out an eye when I tried knitting once… I gave up after that. πŸ˜‰
    That is one gorgeous hat, you’ve got a knack!

  2. Great job on the hat! W/the shape that the economy is in right now, I feel like more & more people are going to be making gifts (which to me are SO much more special). ♥ the Mom & Daughter pics~precious!

  3. Thanks for the compliments you guys! I had a great time making the hat. It’s a very simply stitch too, so you could all probably make one. It starts with a simple chain stitch, then moves to a stitch in the round. Chain and Double chain are the only stitches I use, increasing, decreasing, and stitching in the round are the only techniques.
    All in all it take about five hours from start to finish to make a hat.

    Thank you all again for the flattery, it was verra verra nice to hear! πŸ™‚

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