Absence makes the heart grow…. fonder?

I will be requiring a break from the blog for a while. It turns out I have carpal tunnel, and therefore will have to limit my writing as much as possible. I may try and post pictures more, but my rambling expressions and narratives will have to cease until I feel better.

I am saddened that my chosen venue for expression has been cut off, but hopeful that I will be able to return in time. With starting a practice, and creating a career, I have to spend my limited typing time judiciously. sniff

At this time, I am in the middle of testing to determine the extent of the damage and the necessary next steps. It may or may not require surgery. It does require braces, which makes writing pretty damn hard.

I will try and post updates, pictures, and easy to write messages until I am once again able to write at length. If I am not here for a little while, you will at least know where I have gone. Thank you for being a part of my life, and for caring about what I have to say.

5 thoughts on “Absence makes the heart grow…. fonder?”

  1. WAH! I love being able to read your blog and see how you are doing. I guess we’ll just have to spend more time talking on the phone.

    Take care of those hands.

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