I had my nerve conduction study yesterday. Man that fucking hurts. I didn’t expect it to feel good, they jam a thin needle deep into your muscle and then tests it’s impluses at a relaxed state and an active state. So they basically stab you and ask you to move. Ow.

All last night I had my hands wrapped in thermapacks, hoping the heat would relax my freaking out muscles. It’s helped a little.

I hope they come back to me and tell me nothing much is wrong. The doctor was very interested in my left arm, apparantly it had some off reactions, but being liability shy she wouldn’t tell me what she thought until she got an MRI and a chance to better review the results.

I am off to soak my hands, they hurt too much for much typing today.

3 thoughts on “NCS”

  1. I’m sorry you had to go through that. I had the same study done, back when I used to work for The Man. Turns out I didn’t have carpal tunnel, but so much STRESS that I was locking up my muscles and affecting the nerves in my arms.

    I hope you have something simple and FIXABLE.

  2. I’ve never had that particular conduction test- just the one where they take the thing that looks like a tazer to your nerves and you lose control over the limb. It felt like I was being electrocuted. I can’t imagine the pain with the needles. They tell you “it hurts, but not that bad.” Yeah, right.

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