Some people grow leaps and bounds in the gaps between milestones. Some milestones have gaps. Monkey now has a gap in her smile!! After many, many, many months of waiting Monkey has finally lost a tooth!!


She was so excited as her tooth loosened. She wandered around the whole day exclaiming “I can’t believe I am about to lose a tooth!” Once she lost it she wandered around proclaiming “I can’t believe I lost a tooth!”. That one has continued.

Of course the Tooth Fairy left her a two dollar bill in a very fancy card. Being a fairy she can’t write anything, but her calling card was a lovely small green square with a silhouette of a fairy on it. I thought it was lovely.

Monkey opened it and proclaimed “Mom!! The tooth fairy has the same stationary you do!!”

I told her that fairies don’t have stationary and therefore she must have borrowed some from me. Oops.

I can’t believe how tiny her little tooth is!

The tiny tooth in the tiny box in the tiny hand.
The tiny tooth in the tiny box in the tiny hand.

It makes me all sniffly to see this little itty bitty tooth. My baby just keeps growing up.

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