So many networks, so little time…

No one told me how much of starting a business was social. I have been to so many lunches, dinners, events, et al, just so I could corner a few people at each and promote my practice. It is wearing me out more than the constant droning of law school ever did. I come home each day and I have nothing left to say to anyone.

Right now I am trying to meet a deadline for my Lizard case. I have been reading over Administrative Procedure Act cases looking for something to bolster our argument with, but my sinus infection and resulting headache have made this very difficult to do.

I have a teleconference with the Court in a Domestic Relations case tomorrow morning and I live in fear of oversleeping, failing to hear my phone, and generally not making the call for some reason. I am dropping Monkey off with Nama and Da for delivery to school and Lee is keeping Otter while I run off with my client to a quiet room at the law school and a date with my speaker phone. It is my first such teleconference, and firsts make me nervy.

I am meeting two attorney’s this week who may be willing to mentor me and provide me with overflow work. Someday I hope to be in a position to offer overflow to others, but for now I am looking for work wherever I can. One attorney is a G.A.L. and the other handles preventative forclosure work. Both will give me a chance to make a living helping people, though the foreclosures are an area I have not practiced in before.

I am also going to start a newsletter to send to those in my life who are in a position to recommend me or send me work. I hope sending it out will alert them to the status of my business, and serve as a reminder to funnel things my way whenever they can.

This is an isolating path, but so far, a busy one. I can’t wait to be successful enough to be lonely, working in my office, instead of hitting every networking event I can find. I am running out of clever things to say, and business cards to hand out.

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