6 thoughts on “Living the dream…”

  1. This has been disabled .. did you get a cease and desist from you tube? Anyway, if it is the Scottish lady from last week then I agree…

  2. Weird, it would appear I requested to put an end to my embedding, but I can’t seem to unrequest it.
    If you click on the video twice it should pop you over to the YouTube page.

  3. Wow.


    She was AMAZING. I loved the reaction shots from the crowd and the judges. Why do people seem to think that only beautiful people have beautiful voices? I loved her cheekiness.

  4. I was hearing this on the news all day, and finally sat down to watch the video from your link.

    Yeah. You can’t help but feel your chest tighten and eyes water once everyone realized that they judged her just a BIT too quickly!

    And I don’t think it was anything you did to disable the video … I’ve found some of the mainstream ‘official’ videos simply will not let you embed them.

    I agree, she’s an inspiration. And it brought an extra tear to hear her say “I’ve never been kissed” 🙁

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