The youngest associate…

Would you like yogurt with that?
Would you like yogurt with that?

The biggest challenge to working from home is tuning out the distractions and actually working. My work day is often sucked away by Motherhood because I often can’t leave the Mom work for later so I can focus on my office. The biggest creator of that work is my youngest associate, Otter. He presents me with new challenges every time I try to set him up with something to do so I can work a little.

This morning this engineering genius turned yogurt into fingerpaint and liberally bestowed his art around the living room. He covered the coffee table, reupholstered the couch, and painted the floors in sticky yogurt paint. Then he presented himself, as above, and encouraged me to visit his masterpieces.

I visited them with a mop and a sigh, leaving my virtual office behind me.

3 thoughts on “The youngest associate…”

  1. Wow, just a mop and a sigh? I think there would have been a lot of internal dialog starting off with, ” Are you f*cking kidding me!?!”

  2. He had trained me well, he causes so much creative trouble that I pretty much sigh and clean it up.

    I used to start with some intense internal dialogue, I guess I am inured.

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