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Entering my second month of the gluten free diet and I am feeling pretty good about it. There are exceptions, I miss Dim Sum and really good pizza but I am getting better at finding gluten free choices at various restaurants. The past month I discovered a few places where being gf is not going to limit you to a side salad with vinegar and oil;

Hard Rock Cafe in the Denver Pavillions is a good place to eat GF because the staff will find out your options and then walk you though their whole menu with you so you know what you can and can not eat. Sadly they make their creme brulee with a malt based chocolate sauce and none of their other fancy desserts are gluten free, but they have a delicious walnut pear salad and they are anxious to see you happily fed.

Three Sisters, on 17th and Stout, makes all their own soups and the owner personally pointed out all the GF choices. They were all creamy and delish and very satisfying. Further he told me he is going to research GF issues more so he can learn to make even more GF choices available. I wouldn’t eat there if you are a celiac yet because they aren’t following all the quarrantine rules but they do intend to do so in the future so keep your eye out!

Watercourse foods on 17th and Emerson has delicious and delightful gluten free muffin, cookie, and cake offerings and a handful of things on the menu besides salads. However, their salads rock, so even if you don’t want their other main course offerings you are well set with their wide ranges of leafy lunches.

My best find this week was Panzano located at 1717 Champa. This upscale restaurant actually carries a full gluten free menu printed on it’s own fancy paper and offered in it’s own leather cover. The chef makes all her own sauces and avoids using rues whenever possible allowing her to stretch the majority of the restaurants meal choices into gf options. When you arrive at Panzano and ask for gluten free options they present you with a full menu containing several appetizers, a large choice of entrees, and a big salad selection. They also keep a tasty sorbet on hand for a gf dessert. The best part of this treasure is what they bring you with the menu. Instead of handing your dinner date the bread basket and glancing at you apologetically Panzano servers bring you your own basket of flaky gluten-free focaccia bread. Hot and delicious this rich bread is made on site and is the best tasting thing I have eaten all month. I ate so much of the bread that I had to take most of my dinner home. (They do sell the gf focaccia if you want to have it at home with a thick slice of cheese. It’s well worth the cost, $7 for a half pan roughly the size of a frozen pizza.)

I have been told that Pizza Calore offers gluten-free versions of each of their pizzas and that there is a gf italian restaurant really nearby. I haven’t had a chance to check these options out yet but they are on my to do list.

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  1. Hi,

    Since you are new to the diet, I wanted to let you
    know that several other chain restaurants also
    have gluten free menus. These include Outback,
    PF Changs, Bonefish Grill, Pei Wei Asian Diner,
    and Chili’s Grill and Bar. You can see the menus
    on my site if you want to.

  2. We are also gluten-free and miss dim sum terribly. When we get desperate we make dumplings ourselves from a recipe in Laura Russell’s The Gluten-Free Asian Kitchen, which turn out really well. As for pizza, give SAZZA a try. They are amazing and offer gluten-free pizzas that are organic, delicious, and taste nearly like their regular pizzas, just a very slight bit crispier (both are very, very thin crust pizzas). I hear LUCKY PIE is good, too, with organic ingredients and a GF menu.

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