I am having a frustrated gluten-free week. There doesn’t seem to be any easy to grab food out in the world that I can eat, except fruit and most dairy, which doesn’t fill me up as well. I have to carry snack bars with me because there are no friggin fast food places that skip the gluten. Taco Bell even puts wheat flour in their meat, so even though many of their bread products, being corn shells, are safe for me to eat, the things they stuff then with aren’t. (Not that Taco Bell is the bastion of fine dining but Come On!! Wheat in the meat?)

I have been hungry this week. Starving. All the time. I eat an apple, and then half an hour later I am listening to my tummy grumble again. I am Grumpy and stressed out too. I am working a lot and I can’t seem to pack enough fruit and granola bars to make up for the lack of available fast food options.My grumpiest evening was the night I ordered Chinese. I had worked hard all week and I wanted to relax, pour a glass of wine, and feed the children and myself something cooked by others. I called the very helpful staff at the take out placce and learned that all I could get were the lettuce wraps because everything else contained soy sauce, which contains gluten. Resigned I sat at home eating rice, tofu, and chicken in lettuce leaves longing for a hot dog on a bun Chicago style, or a thick and steaming slice of pizza, just the perfect mix of gooey and crisp.

This morning I woke up to discover that the kids had polished off my gluten free waffles and that my favorite Easter treat ever is loaded with the evil gluten demon. (Cadbury how could you?)

So I am grumpy. And hungry. And longing for bread.

2 thoughts on “G(F)rumpy.”

  1. Don’t forget you can snack on other things too, like nuts. There are other things you can eat like brown rice and quinoa. Not the same as bread, but filling. Aren’t there gluten free breads you can make sandwiches out of to take with you? I’ve been eating some gluten free crackers, with cheese, and an apple for a snack. I know it’s a PITA to have to pack your own food up, I’ve been doing it for a few months now.

  2. I’ve seen a wide variety of Udi GF products at my local king sooper. Maybe someone makes a GF protein shake? Chocolate covered fruit is safe for you, yes? What about the 7 layer burrito at taco bell? It’s vegetarian, filled with beans, rice and well 5 others things 🙂 I would have been better served by a bullet list than a paragraph.

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