Sometimes you get them from the universe, some times from family and friends. Today’s post is a thank for to a few people who picked me up this week.

I want to thank Christine at the Ameristar Casino in Blackhawk who gave me a glorious upgrade to a dream room with a fire place and huge jetted tub.  You did it for no other reason than to be nice and it made our day.

Michael, despite having wee ones to care for, you have started sending me a note every morning telling me you hope I can have a good day.  Finding that note in my message box makes me smile and lifts my spirits enough to make the first part of the day easier.

Mom, Dan than you for sending me the message that you will help me get around where I need to go until I can drive, that I am not trapped at home, and that there are people who will go to considerable lengths to help me do what I need and want to do.

Lee, thank you for sending the message that despite all we have been through, you still think I can survive and thrive through this.  Also, thank you for talking to your hysterical ex-wife for half an hour when you had far more fun things to do with that time.

I want to thank the tow truck driver who hit my car.  You may have helped my doctors diagnose some of the headaches that have been plaguing me.  You were decent to me when you ran the red, handled everything well on your end, and may have inadvertently led my medical professionals in a new direction.

My dear doctor friend, thank you for consistently showing you care about my health, for referring me to someone you will likely do a better job listening and helping me through this.

To my Coni, there are millions of messages you have sent me over the years but the one that sticks now is that you really can find a way through anything with enough wacky humor.

To my dear Woman with a Hatchet, thank you for showing me how to continue pushing through. I know you are struggling, but you are setting an example for me to follow.

Happy Wednesday all, I love you.

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  1. You are my squishy! I love you, even when it’s hard to be you and me. Keep on breathing, sweetie. It will get better. I’m sure of it. Now stop handing me onions!

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