Er my gerd…

So I took a leave of absence to manage my wildly slipping health right?  Well, I thought I would be resting while this happened. Maybe visit a doctor once a week and manage medications while making myself eat and exercise while I adjust to them.


I have been to see one to two different doctors a day all week! Cardiologists, Neurologists, more Neurologists.  When I am not seeing doctors I am on the phone long distance with doctors I am paying plane fare to go see in March or I am filling out medical forms, calling the insurance company, and talking with medical receptionists scheduling the next round of doctor’s visits.


It’s so confounding I bought a binder, with separate pocket folders, to organize what paperwork is coming from whom, so I can bring it all with me wherever I go.  Head-slam-desk. Before you know it I will be putting multi-colored tabs on the different receipts to file with my accountant.

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