There’s no place like home…

After two days in the car with Dad, Dan, and Tracy, I am home.

It’s odd to be back in the real world after 12 days in the hospital. Everything seems a bit daunting. I am still learning to marshal and manage my energy and I don’t quite have the hang of it.

For example, we took the kids to the park today for a picnic and a little frisbee and that was all I could do for the day. It was time well spent but it knocked me right into a rising headache pain level. When I got home I had to take an abortive and rest. I’ve been resting since.

When Oliver asked when I could play more games with him I taught him spoon theory. I think he mostly got that I have less energy than he does and I have to be careful spending it. He suggested we play games first thing tomorrow so I don’t use a spoon getting out of bed and coming down to breakfast. He also told me he would manage my spoons for me. I am thinking I will be spending a lot of time on the Wii if I let that happen.

Tomorrow I tackle laundry, a little work, and some garden planning, depending on the spoons. I am also going to join the American Headache and Migraine Association and write to my fellow MHNI patients. It meant so much to find people who understood exactly how I feel most of the time, it was the best part of being in the hospital.

For now, good night! Thank you all for the kind notes, cards, texts, and emails during my hospitalization, it made me feel less afraid and more loved.

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