Enrique in Peru with Chloera…

It’s been 8 months or so that this headache has lasted. I figure I should name it, make it part of me, accept it if you will. It’s been with me a really long time and no longer feels like some foreign malady. It feels almost as though it has a personality, albeit a limited one. Like a snake, or guinea pig. It’s not over here contemplating great philosophical ideologies but there is the sense that it can tell I am heading toward it with food or that the doctor wants to do it harm during my visits.

What does one name an intractable migraine? Allen? Persimmon? Enrique?

How odd would it be to tell someone I have had Enrique every day for 8 months?

Hmm… I think they might get the wrong idea.

Peru? Australia? Greece?

I have been wandering about Australia for the past 8 months. That’s better, less lascivious anyway. Although people would expect me to have seen Australia and ask me questions about it.


I guess I will just stick with Migraine. I could call it Thyphoid or Cholera but I am pretty sure the CDC would come find me if it became widely known that I have been potentially infecting people for months on end.


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