When we’re up we’re up!

And when we’re down we’re down.

Despite my hopeful gardening post the other day I have hit a wall. I think this oppressively grey storm front has brought with it unfortunate pressure changes which in turn have taken their frustrations out on my brain. For I am down for the count again.

I am trying not to be frustrated at this setback. Frustration only makes headaches worse. So does crying. In fact any emotion other than laughter seems to make them worse. I try to be a perpetually happy person but that is hard.

So back to limiting stress, resting, and finding quiet at home things to do with my son, who is hovering at my elbow at this very moment.

See you when it’s sunny.

One thought on “When we’re up we’re up!”

  1. I am also experiencing Doom Storm pressures, but not like you. It makes me sad when it’s so grey and Misty is sad. It’ll get better.

    Slowly but surely, it will get better. I lurve you!

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