Catch a tiger by his tail…

I have some challenges in my life. There are a number of things I simply cannot do. However, thanks to the love of friends and family, I am able to do some things that most people can’t ever do.

Like snuggle a pack of baby tigers, with my children, cause I can.


Our adventure in tiger petting began with the simultaneous release of the fluffy darlings from their travel kennel.

A few points here, from the lawyer/animal advocate: 1) There was one staff member for each tiger, we were never unsupervised. 2) These babies are small and this kennel is used to transport them a few hundred feet at most, so they can have different outdoor play experiences. They are not caged up in a tiny compartment. 3) These are well cared for animals and happy as … well… tigers surrounded by people with bottles of milk.

So, now that is out of the way. The critters surged forth from their box with delighted screeching and immediately began exploring everything around them. Imaging your fastest toddler + too much red bull x five. I am pretty sure that comes close to describing the sheer amount of noise and movement involved with the experience.

Upon release we were given the opportunity to feed and pet them. We took full advantage of that opportunity:


A very greedy baby tiger drinks all the milk in my bottle.

They've got me!!

Marlena, covered in tigers. (How often does one get to say that?)


Oliver feeds another greedy tiger baby.


Dan hugs a tiger like a teddy bear.


Sniff sniff… hmm this human spilled some of our milk on his shirt. I like him.

IMG_3782 (1)

Marlena learning that letting tigers suck on your thumbs soothes them.

IMG_3667 (1)

Me snuggling a wiggly tiger.


Dan and I playing with tigers. There were two more behind the zebra bench.


He’s going to get you!


A full tiger naps on Marlena’s lap.

IMG_3762 (1)

Oliver let’s a tiger suck his thumb.


Mama pets a tiger.

IMG_3656 (1)

The greedy baby polishes off his bottle.


And collapses in a milk coma.

IMG_3701 (1)

Hmm… he still has milk on his shirt.

IMG_3709 (1)

Marlena is a tiger jungle gym.


Dan lets a tiger suck on his thumb.

We loved the whole experience, so much so that the kids suggested we move to Oregon. I have to admit I don’t dislike the idea. I could toss law out the window and spend my time cleaning up cat poop for the occasional tiger encounter.

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