Goodbye Lawandmotherhood…

Some things happen for a reason. For example, a friend of mine managed the lawandmotherhood url for this blog for a long time. He let it expire and someone bought it. It’s now about autism.

This is a good thing. I haven’t been writing on this blog much because when I started it I was a mother of small children and I was in law school. I wrote about law and motherhood. These days I am a disabled person with migraines. I still have children, but I write more about managing children with limited energy than I do parenting tips for non-disabled people.

So I bought a new name.

Welcome to Savvy Spoons.

I spend most of my time trying to live as much of my life as I possible can with limited spoons (energy). My kids understand mommy can’t always do what they want her to do, that I can no longer drive to anywhere we want to go, and that life is spent more quietly and closer to home. My friends understand that too. My job is now making jewelry and very occasionally legal work. I manage the spoons I have to the best of my ability.

Now with Savvy Spoons I feel like the site can be geared more toward my actual life instead of the one I lived all those many years ago.
Thank you for reading!

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