By the bootstraps…

It’s been a little over a month since my new diagnosis and I have been trying to remain active. Moving around is supposed to help me feel better but I think it’s just making me tired.

I’m ending my days so stiff I can’t even turn over onto my side without excruciating pain erupting all over my body. I start my days with a pounding headache, tight jaw, and aching hands and feet.

While I am moving around I feel okay but when I stop everything seizes up. I am pretty sure I actually turn to stone. Well, highly sensitized stone. I’m just not sure how to fix that part. I recognize that moving around makes me feel better but I am failing in finding a solution that keeps me moving all the time. Maybe I need some sort of robotic chair and bed system that moves my limbs around for me while I rest so the overall effect is that of always moving but I still get a chance to sleep and sit the fuck down.

Until I discover/invent such an apparatus I am stuck pulling myself up by the bootstraps each day and convincing myself that moving around all day is worth being rendered painfully immobile at night.


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  1. Actuall I do know of a chair that’s reputed to be stress reducing, hitting Shiatsu points and such. Down side is cost. But you could google up Inada Massage Chair. Spelling may be off, but there it is. Love you much.

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