Making all the things…tangent

I intended to continue with my crafty holiday making madness here on the blog but then I fell into the world of silversmithing and all other things drifted away.

It’s true that I can blow my bezel seams over and over again on a high migraine day but for the most part silversmithing is a place where the problems I encounter have readily available fixes and the results of my labor are stunning.

I’m 5 weeks into my training and I am loving every intensive second of it. Now when I see jewelry I deconstruct it with my eyes. When I see stones I imagine how I would tackle them. I finally feel as though I can DO something with my life, even though I can’t do all the things I’ve previously trained for.

Here is a photographic journey through some of the steps in my last piece:

Here we have a fine silver bezel soldered onto a sterling back plate. 
Choppa choppa choppa, we have a crude silver setting.
After adding a handmade bail and wire we have an unpolished setting fit for it’s stone.
With this lovely device we fit the stone into the bezel. Think of endlessly rocking your cranky child back to sleep in the middle of the night. It’s a lot like that. 
Abracadabra! We have a pendant! 

Here is my further assembly of silver and pearl earrings.


So this is what has been occupying all my time this past month! I will try to get to another set of make your own holiday gift ideas here soon!

2 thoughts on “Making all the things…tangent”

  1. Misty, this is so exciting! You are getting a chance for artistic self-expression on a whole new level!

  2. Wow, I am impressed! I appreciate your photo journal of the process; I never would have believed that the starting piece would become the beautiful thing it is at the end. I really envy you and your pursuits of creative expression. *hugs* I’m glad to see you’re staying productive. 🙂

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