So I had intended to write about my progress from healthy, fully functioning member of society to managing life as a spoonie. Unfortunately learning to manage life as a spoonie has been an increasingly time consuming prospect.

I have had periods of increasing levels of energy. Of course, they last long enough that I get greedy and push myself to accomplish more, see more people, etc. As a result they are inevitably followed by a sudden and unavoidable crash into the wall and days, if not weeks, of virtually no accomplishment at all. I have got to get better at reigning myself in when I feel better so I don’t crash as hard when I don’t.

Interestingly I am beginning to believe that the first casualties of climate change may be us weather sensitive spoonies. As the weather patterns in Denver shift from our traditional indian summers into a moody series of summer storms reminiscent from my childhood I have been laid low by pressure changes more often than not. While my body relishes in the lower temperatures my head throbs and squeezes and beats it’s unrelenting tempo with increasing levels of pain. Are we in for an increase in symptom frequency and unreliability as our world’s weather patterns shift to accommodate our greenhouse gasses?

Regardless of the cause of the increase the symptoms are getting harder to manage. I am determined to revive my blog, despite the sense that I am whining. So I will try to say something, anything, here a couple times a week.


4 thoughts on “Spooooooons…”

  1. Dear Misty, it is now considered whining to tell us how you feel. That’s what loved ones do for each other. Your Mom’s and my relationship has thrived over 40 years because we have listened to each other’s kvetching. We will thank you for carrying forward this time-honored bonding ritual. 😘

  2. Correction: it is NOT considered whining. The above first line definitely contains a typo!!!

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