If at first you don’t succeed…

Go home and nurse your headache.

I gave notice at work. It turns out that I still can’t work full time. In the five weeks I have been working I have only managed to work one full week. I had hoped I could acclimate to a full time job in my field again but no.

In order to maintain my job I had to do a minimum of three hours of yoga classes a week, I had to walk to and from work, I needed a 90 minute massage a week, and I had to go to sleep in time to get ten hours a night during the week. So my 40 hour a week job was really 50 hours of out of the house time plus and extra 10 hours of sleep a week, leaving me exactly no time to:

  1. See my offspring who, after years of parenting, have grown accustomed to spending a few minutes with me a week.
  2. See my husband, especially since his days off and mine didn’t coordinate.
  3. Cook healthy food.
  4. Shop for healthy food.
  5. Clean the house.
  6. Do the laundry.
  7. Help my parents.
  8. Manage the garden.
  9. Clean up after the pets.
  10. See loved ones other than my immediate family.
  11. Paint in my new studio.
  12. Create jewelry.

The stress of being unable to do these things in conjunction with the physical stress of my working became too much. The fibromyalgia bloomed full force this week as I tried to settle back into work and I am all over knots and tightness.

So that’s it then. Now is not the time to try full time work. I gave three weeks notice, of which I have two weeks left. Soon I will return to my quiet studio and my spoonie-supportive life.

2 thoughts on “If at first you don’t succeed…”

  1. Sorry. Your body is unreliable not you. This life was meant for living! Including doing other things than punching a time clock. You’ll be fine… and your days will consist of many MORE important people and things.~Kim

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