So B-12 is important…

I was doing so well. I was blogging regularly and going to yoga two to three times a week and walking the dog and I switched to veganism to force myself to eat healthier and to lose weight.

Then I started getting so tired, the kind of tired I haven’t felt since having very young children. Then I started itching insanely, like chicken-pox or ants crawling under your skin.

Then I suggested my husband and I go see a movie I hadn’t seen, that I had seen three days earlier with my son.

Then I got scared.

I went to the doctor. Pled memory loss, balance issues, exhaustion. She checked blood levels and there it was; little to no B-12 in my system. Turns out being a female celiac over 40 eating a vegan diet put me right into the danger zone.

So I have been getting injections and slowly getting back to better.

Does your health ever feel like a house of cards? Like you just get it to balance and one misstep pushes everything the fuck over? It’s so frustrating to deal with and leaves me feeling as though I will never get to a place of stability.

Anyway, I am going to try to get back into the habit of yoga again this week. I fully intend to get my stretch on and get back on the path. Somewhere.

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