Don’t let the earth hit you…

Despite the otherwise generous nature of our home planet she has very little give, especially when you are testing that give with the back of your head having encountered black ice on your walk home.

Did you know a concussion is a lot like being way too drunk? I now do. I had the “Why did I drink THAT many margaritas?” spins for three days. Now I just have the “Am I really feeling the Earth move?” dizzies.

Totally a word, dizzies. Promise.

Don’t believe me though, I’m concussed. My brain is compromised.

Where was I?… Oh right, don’t hit the Earth with your head. Or anything really, don’t hit the Earth. Why would you do that? It’s mean! The Earth was just trying to help!

Damn it. I did it again.

Boy I hope my holiday Amazon Handmade listings aren’t this … creative.

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