O Civility…

duck your shameful head O’ traitor 
don’t show your face in my land of freedom.

tear down your lackluster campaign flags
cease your tone deaf rally cries.

you pressed your pestilent idol upon my nation 
and with overwhelming numbers you were rebuked.

your time of relevance is no more.

you tried to force yourself upon us 
like the cheapest of history’s cowards.

raging through our nation’s capitol
smearing shit on a symbol you claim to revere.

bludgeoning friend and foe alike
with every quisling blow.  

all for one who never cared a whit for you.

now your leaders quake in the murk
hoping to be unnoticed while you rot.

your sniveling idol pouts and putts 
as his reckoning comes due. 

and you lecture me on civility
telling me it’s time to end our divisiveness. 

your brazeness is boundless.

you do not get to come into my house
to set a bomb off in the living room

then get upset when I don’t offer you tea
to go with the shrapnel. 

—mmorehead 2-15-2021

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