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We need some empathy…

Another week, another white man kills a random group of people.

My father in law is known for saying “it’s not the bullet with your name on it that you have to worry about, it’s the one marked “To who it may concern.”

We are losing our people to white terrorists.

Join me in a winding podcast filled with poems and thoughts about privilege, being an ally, and empathy.

A haiku on Twitter, a mass shooting in Boulder, and the freedom of pain killers results in an open discussion on dismantling privilege and the desperate need we have as a nation for empathy in our citizens.  — Send in a voice message:

Dr. Fallible…

you listened to me
and when my body’s tale changed
you tried something new

saying they were just
words put on symptoms for the
insurance company

and not the be all
end all final sentence of
my one existence.

you treated my whole
not just the sum of my parts
saying it’s an art

not only a science.
when we fail to find a fix
we should always ask

are we looking right
where we should be or do we
need to start anew?

I’ve never met a
single other doctor quite
as lovely as you.

— mmorehead 03-04-21

O Civility…

duck your shameful head O’ traitor 
don’t show your face in my land of freedom.

tear down your lackluster campaign flags
cease your tone deaf rally cries.

you pressed your pestilent idol upon my nation 
and with overwhelming numbers you were rebuked.

your time of relevance is no more.

you tried to force yourself upon us 
like the cheapest of history’s cowards.

raging through our nation’s capitol
smearing shit on a symbol you claim to revere.

bludgeoning friend and foe alike
with every quisling blow.  

all for one who never cared a whit for you.

now your leaders quake in the murk
hoping to be unnoticed while you rot.

your sniveling idol pouts and putts 
as his reckoning comes due. 

and you lecture me on civility
telling me it’s time to end our divisiveness. 

your brazeness is boundless.

you do not get to come into my house
to set a bomb off in the living room

then get upset when I don’t offer you tea
to go with the shrapnel. 

—mmorehead 2-15-2021