It’s a snowy day here in Colorado and I’m discussing the hospital go-bag for my upcoming surgery on the SavvySpoons podcast.

It's ok to not be ok, or so I'm told. SavvySpoons – Living a life of limited spell slots.

I'm not doing so hot on the keeping it together front. My German farmer ancestors are rolling over in their graves at my lack of stoicism but I decided to talk about it with you. The world. Or, you know, the 9-10 of you who listen to me. So join in, settle down, and share in some not okay action.  — Support this podcast:
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  5. Crafty Crap on a Sunday

Here are some links to the tools I use to get through any length of stay in the hospital. I hope you find them helpful. I am not getting paid for anything here, just adding links to things I’ve personally found helpful over the many hospital stays.

The USB Charging Port: Useful for taking your one available power outlet and turning into enough power for your phone, ipad or laptop, and whatever else you need to combat boredom during your stay.

Soft and Cozy Hospital Sleeves: for all your IV wearing comforts. Allows you to go from sweater to tank without interfering with your IV.

Ciscle Smart Pencil: for all your time passing edoodling.

Aura Cacia Lavender Mist: Actually much cheaper than I remembered!

What do you have in your go bag?

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