I got…distracted.

I had intended to return to writing here regularly but then I got distracted by art, and family, health, and pets, the state of the world, and the long list of chores that haven’t gotten done.

I’ve been relearning to love myself as a disabled person. Relearning to view my contributions to the world and my role in it.

Today I learned there is a term for me, dynamically disabled. Someone whose disability ebbs and flows with the vagaries of their body. Someone who can spend three hours deep cleaning the house one day and can barely get out of bed the next.

It’s been difficult learning to manage dynamic disability. It pretty much requires educating nearly everyone in your life to not depend on you. Which sucks. A lot. Especially for those of us who are used to being depended on.

I am getting better at managing me and the world around me. I am by no means perfect at it and I likely never will be. I am getting better.

So I am going to try to start writing again. Here. We’ll see if this time I manage to avoid the distraction.

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