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I’m Weather intolerant…

Some people can’t do dairy, I cannot do weather. Apparently I shall simply have to move to a place where I can avoid it. Any suggestions anyone?


Me either.

Short one today as the wild horses we slaughtered in our ‘mastering’ of these plains countries are getting their revenge by running across my face with sharp haunting hooves.

I did not walk, punch, or otherwise engage in meaningful exercise today but I did do leg and arm lifts for ten minutes while lying in bed making what my son referred to as “Minecraft zombie sounds”. I’m counting it towards the fight against Fibromyalgia as my neuro told me ANY movement counts.

I ate healthy and did cupping and engaged with my children who I actually cooked for. (Ok, I cooked for one of them because I forgot the other one had come over to pack up more stuff for the move but I did let her feed herself with my food so that’s something. Okay, okay. Technically it was my parents food, I don’t buy those burgers but it’s all a shared pot anyway.)

I wrote a daily haiku. See my portfolio.

I wrote a post here. (See above)

I call it a win. I’m going back to Gilmore Girls reruns. Stay safe and avoid the weather at all costs lovelies.


a kiss, a touch, a graze, the wind
sets fire raging across my skin.
not the fire of passion’s grace
but the fire of a ravaged face.

nerves read fingers and knives alike
and interpret love with increasing spikes
of headaches, throbbing, and sharp rebukes
a razor’s dance of bio nukes.

The act of love becomes a maze
paths drawn anew with the latest phase.
he never knows which nerves will measure
the touch of pain or the touch of pleasure.

mmorehead 2020