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Behind the scenes…

of a spoonie podcast. It’s no fancy recording studio or even my teenager’s online gaming set-up. It’s just a quiet bedroom, a couple of dogs, my computer, and a not too pricey mic.

I don’t even have to get out of bed to record, which is a good thing, especially for this latest episode “I am not ok”
Bear is my security. He likes to make sure no one interrupts recording sessions.
Penny is more interested in editing my posts. She does so with intense snuggles.
There’s my editing “booth”. Ok, it’s my lap.

Sticking it to you…

I have been losing my mind with boredom as I have waited for my battered and confused body to return to some semblance of normalcy.

So I made stickers on this site that does’t charge too much for creating them! I made a bunch of Spoonie related stickers:

I plan on making more, but I got distracted by the cheating low-life scum-suckers in Georgia and the sheer criminal treason of passing a law making it illegal to hand out water to people waiting in line to vote.

Then I made a few motivation stickers and a Dr. Fauci one because my Mom asked me too.

Finally I added some of my artwork because I like the idea of having stickers of my work. I am sure I will be making more of those.

I have to admit it was nice to create something. It’s been a rough week. I spent most of it in so much pain and discomfort I wasn’t worth much. Now I can get up, walk around a little, cook a meal or two but I get really tired, really easily and I still have to spend most of my time resting.

So I am making stickers so I can stop losing my freaking mind.

If you like any of them I added a page to the menu at the top of the blog (Spoonie Merch). They are $3.99 each and are cut out vinyl stickers so there isn’t any extra outside of the image. In a few cases I approved a few other items too, but rarely. If for some reason you really want something in a shirt or hoodie or something kick me a message at

Stay safe and sane loves.

I’m Weather intolerant…

Some people can’t do dairy, I cannot do weather. Apparently I shall simply have to move to a place where I can avoid it. Any suggestions anyone?


Me either.

Short one today as the wild horses we slaughtered in our ‘mastering’ of these plains countries are getting their revenge by running across my face with sharp haunting hooves.

I did not walk, punch, or otherwise engage in meaningful exercise today but I did do leg and arm lifts for ten minutes while lying in bed making what my son referred to as “Minecraft zombie sounds”. I’m counting it towards the fight against Fibromyalgia as my neuro told me ANY movement counts.

I ate healthy and did cupping and engaged with my children who I actually cooked for. (Ok, I cooked for one of them because I forgot the other one had come over to pack up more stuff for the move but I did let her feed herself with my food so that’s something. Okay, okay. Technically it was my parents food, I don’t buy those burgers but it’s all a shared pot anyway.)

I wrote a daily haiku. See my portfolio.

I wrote a post here. (See above)

I call it a win. I’m going back to Gilmore Girls reruns. Stay safe and avoid the weather at all costs lovelies.