Central Air

so hot…. SO MUGGY!!!

My house is a popular hang out, not due to my sparkling personality or it’s “young and hip” location, but due to it’s central air conditioning. Yes, each and every time I open my front door and attempt to leave my lovely, cool abode, I am hit with a solid wall of hot, wet, air.

Monkey walks around muttering “it’s like walking in soup.”

I think she and I will be living inside, with the cold air, all summer long.

More tomorrow, now, it is time for bed. I do not envy you the headache you will have tomorrow Denver, but for now, sleep well, and dream of large women.

Ah… Another bright and boiling hot New Jersey day…

The cat has post traumatic stress disorder, I think. She freaks out and runs away anytime anyone walks towards her with any intent or purpose at all. I think she is afraid we will shove her back into her very stylish red Sherpa Bag and take off for another new place. She has also begun howling at night. Loudly, as only a true Siamese can. Additionally, she likes to hop onto the bed in the middle of the night, crawl under the covers, and press her wet, freezing cold nose against the middle of my back. It is quite the experience, let me tell you!!

We are settling in here. Yesterday Monkey and I sat around the house and watched movies, ate donuts, and blogged all day. Oh yes, and played tea. Monkey prefers to use real wet things when playing tea, as opposed to pretending. I believe this is do to her preference for all things messy but she claims it is simply an attempt at artistic integrity. So we had real lemonade tea in her Ikea tea set. She loves this tea set, she has begun requesting that we eat off of it some upcoming meal. I will not be surprised when she wishes to cook with her cookware set, also from Ikea, as Lee and I were debating whether or not it’s stainless steel design would actually work on a stove. However, we will need some more investigation before we allow her to try it out. Did you know Ikea has it’s own exit on the highway here? Yes indeedy! The post college furniture Mecca is big enough and smart enough to have it’s own big sign on the Garden State Parkway. Sigh. At least it is not a sign for Focus on the Family.

Last night we ate fondue at The Melting Pot at the Galleria in Red Bank. It was interesting. Monkey was initially afraid of the middle part of the table, because they warn you it is very hot. Then she played the “how close can I get to the really hot surface before I burn my hand off?” game. We did not appreciate this game. After some pouting, she began to play the “blow steam over to mommy” game. This was fine, until she began to fan the steam with her hands, once again bringing them in range of the really hot surface. It was an interesting evening, I believe we will go there again, but not soon, and likely not with her again until she is older. She liked cooking the food, but not eating it. She did enjoy desert, so we may just go for desert some time.

Otherwise, things are all right. She and I cleaned the kitchen and made it a working space yesterday. It is unbelievable how much better one feels when you can cook a simple meal and avoid fast food. We also set up our stuff in the office, and spent the day relaxing. Today, it is off to Freehold and Ellen!!

Love you all, Miss you all, wishing you were all here in my tiny east coast house in the oppressive humidity of New Jersey!

Welcome to my Profile Post!

My nickname in the blogosphere is Scylla. I chose this name for many reasons, none of them having to do with eating ancient greek sailors alive. Let’s just say I felt six heads were better than one.

I am 32 years old. I only had one 29th birthday. I love my thirties. They are a damn sexy decade to be. I am thrilled and excited to be past the awkward and uncertain blush of youth. (Though not so thrilled with gravity’s effect on the body after that initial blush of youth but who needs all that perk anyway?)

I began this blog as a way to stay connected with my family. I moved out to New Jersey from Colorado when my husband was offered a great career opportunity. I was a recent law school graduate, had just finished taking the bar, and was expecting our second child. I have been here, writing, posting, and redefining myself ever since. Somewhere along the way I really started to enjoy writing again, and began to enter the blogger community in earnest.

Sadly, I must confess, I am the penultimate lurker. I comment from time to time, but mostly, I read and say nothing. I am sorry, but often I have nothing to say.

Current definitions I feel fit me
I am a stay at home/work from home mother of two. I am a dog owner and a cat slave. I am a wife, a roommate, a lawyer, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a kleenex, a napkin, a pooper scooper, a housemaid, a laundress, and a wipey (ah those endlessly useful pre-moistened cloths). I am an entrepreneur and an environmentalist. I may be insane, if not, I am certainly on my way there. I am a burgeoning gourmet cook (not chef, I don’t aspire that high) and foodie. I am a blogger.

What I blog about now
Whatever I feel like blogging about at the time. I usually can be counted on to relate stories of motherhood more than anything else. I try to make them as honest as possible, though I often omit details that would truly make my kids and husband kill me if they read them. I won’t sugarcoat parenting though, sometimes it sucks (and not well). It is the most challenging, the most thankless, and the most rewarding job I have ever had.
I enjoy participating in a few weekly blogosphere meme’s such as Haiku Friday, and Weekly Winners, but otherwise, I write about whatever strikes my fancy when I sit at the keyboard.
I like to post about the environment, things you can do to make a difference in our world, and politics, though these issues are more like the spice that gets tossed into the soup, rather than the soup itself.

Thanks for coming by my blog! I hope you enjoy your stay.

Managing life with chronic illness requires savvy spoons