John Hurt

I am in a John Hurt way at the moment…

He is trying to break out of my stomach in a bloody screaming horror movie mess!!!

Okay, not really, but that is how it feels sometimes. The problem is this, I have really sore Round Ligaments and have had them since early month 4. The spot is so sore that I actually hit my doctor when she poked at it.(Really though, why poke at the exact place someone tells you is hurting?)

Otter, in his fiendish babyiness, has decided to roost flush up against the round ligaments on my right side. He has been pressing his darling little back up against them for a week now.

This lovely snuggling results in me feeling a rolling pain in my side every few minutes. It keeps me up at night, it keeps me up during the day! I can’t get comfortable! I tried pushing against him to get him to move, but doing so hurts too much.


And of course, there is nothing you can do for it. Well… except take tylenol, which is the same as doing nothing, but with a nasty after taste. Ow! There is goes again! What makes it worse is, when he wiggles and kicks around, he presses further into my side. OOW!!

This kind of pain is bad because I recognize on some level that it is not even on the scale of labor pain, so how can I plan a natural childbirth if I can’t just breathe and soothe this lovely pain away? If I can’t soothe away pain that hasn’t even hit the scale yet, how in the world am I going to soothe away pain that does hit the scale???

A random note about pain scales. I am a horrible patient to deal with becuase I have suffered from Migraines for about 19 years. Therefore, I do not have the ability to answer the question, How badly does it hurt on a scale from 1 to 10? You see, I start examining the pain and I think, well, I could go to work like this, or school, I could drive a car, I could go to a place with many people, and it wouldn’t hurt more than it does now. So it must not be high up on the scale. Granted my comparison pain is migraine pain. A 10 on a migraine scale renders me drugged on percoset in a dark silent room lying down for three days. So really, should the scale be higher than 10? Should there be a different scale for me to work with?

Back to the John Hurt experience. On a scale of I don’t notice it to Oh MY God I need a doctor!!, the pain is around a, occasionally takes my breath away.

I am getting tired of it though, and I start to wonder if there is something going on. Am I in early labor? Are these pains braxton-hicks contractions? (BTW, despite medical science’s reassurances to the contrary, they are not freakin painless.) Should I be calling my care provider? I get them all day long, but I am still pretty sure they are the baby in collusion with my body, tormenting me.

Sigh. Please send me some energy and any hugs you have to send, I could certainly use them.

One thought on “John Hurt”

  1. Pain is a funny thing. No one can look at you and help you to determine where you are and no one will necessarily believe your experience of pain.

    For example, in my youth, I had the worst menstrual cramps – doubled over and throwing up levels of pain. Neither my mother or older sister experienced such pain, so they thought I was either exaggerating or lying. Fun, eh?

    In your case, I think the designation of “takes your breath away” is a good descriptor. The fact that you worked through your migraines just means you’re a sucker for punishment.

    I point to taking the Jersey bar while pregnant as further proof of your self-punishing tendencies.

    But with love! Always with love!
    : )

    Hang in there! And I never recognized BH contractions. Nope.

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