Nothing has changed…

Since last night, so we are still waiting to see. The nurse on staff with Mom told us that she is being heavily flooded with antibiotics to try and kill the pneumonia, and that we will know in the next 48 hours if she is likely to recover or not. If she is not, Lee will likely go home to see her for a couple of days and I will say here with my legs crossed chanting “not today baby, not today.”

Oh I have so many feelings about this. He and I have worked so hard over the last nine months towards this delivery, and him not being there was never really in our plans, but I simply can’t get over the feeling that he has to go home and see her if she is not going to recover. If she is, then there is time and he can go see her after the baby is born. Hell, if she is going to recover, we can all go, bring Otter with us, and she can meet him.

The bad news is that it appears she is aspirating on food and drink, so the doctors said she may need a feeding tube placed in her stomach for the rest of her life. Apparently when the system that seperates the food and drink from the lungs breaks down there is no recovery, and therefore being fed via tube is the only remaining option. Niether Lee, her sister, nor I feel she will go for that, so even if she recovers, it may be simply to say goodbye. However, she will be able to make that decision for herself, as it is one that will arise if she recovers, so at least we don’t have to risk forcing that on her.

I will keep you posted as we know. Thank you all for your support.

2 thoughts on “Nothing has changed…”

  1. It is wise of you to let her make a decision about a feeding tube if she can, but remember that food is not extraordinary medical care. It is food, delivered in a different way. It’s not like going on a respirator. We have no obligation to provide extraordinary medical care (extensive surgery with not much hope of real progress, for exmaple) but should give people food and water. It’s a tough situation to be in. Thankfully, it sounds like Lee doesn’t have to make these decisions by himself. Welcome to adulthood – we gradually watch our parents and grandparents pass on.

  2. Hang in there kiddo. I know you and Lee will make the right decisions for all of you.

    Keep that chanting up!

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