The good, the bad, and the snurfly…

The good: We got the house. We are moving into a gorgeous 3600 square foot house with spanish tile, marble kitchen, hardwood floors, and it’s own Koi pond, in the family room. It is the lap of luxury, of the kind one can only afford when rich, or when renting with a friend, like Devon. Devon has a 800 square foot master bedroom suite, and Lee and I have a two room suite with it’s own laundry room/kitchenette and marble bathroom. Marlena has a room with it’s own bathroom, with tub and shower, it’s own walk in closet, and many windows. She loves it! It pleases her to no end that she gets her own bathroom.
There are 4.5 bathrooms and two kitchens. The main kitchen is huge and amazing, with ample storage, a giant marble island, and marble countertops. There is another small kitchen with small island in the Koi room, which will be perfect for entertaining. There are three seperate AC systems in the house. It is amazing and comes with a three car garage, that I would enjoy living in if I had to, as it is finished with electricity, high ceilings, lots of windows, and paint. We move in July 1, and then the enjoying begins.

The bad: I have mastitis again. It came on last night with a high fever and left me miserable in bed all day. I had little warning this time too, so I am going to have to see what I am doing wrong. Sigh. Breast infections are simply no fun.

The snurfly: Oliver has been an awake baby today and tonight, snurfling and blinking owlishly at me from the center of our bed. Go to sleep baby!! Blink blink Sleep is good baby! snurfle Mommy needs sleep! Blink blink

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  1. Oh my – you MUST post pictures…. I am so proud of you Misty – the looking glass of yesterday could not have imagined your fortunes of today!!!!!!!!


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