Daddy saves the day!

Marlena was upset about not being able to start school the first day, so she was mopey yesterday. It didn’t help that I woke up with a cold, so instead of being able to visit the park and run around, she was pretty much left to her own devices at home all day.

Luckily, Daddy saved the day with a special gift when he got home from work.

Suddenly, not being able to start school for a few days simply didn’t matter.

(No, I have no idea what the lawnmower like noise in the background is, might be our air conditioner, or it might be coming from a neighbors yard. Whatever it is, I apologize for it’s incessant drone.)

Boy was she happy to be scooting. She is getting really good at it. She is already able to ride several feet with both feet on the board, and is happy to show off her growing talent to anyone who will watch her!

As a paranoid mommy, I did park my car between the driveway and the street before letting her scoot. We live on the main street in and out of town, and it is always busy. I am so nervous about her playing on anything with wheels anywhere near the street. I think having a roadblock weighing several thousands of pounds might protect her from entering oncoming traffic. It wouldn’t stop her if she chose to intentionally go around it, but it will prevent her from accidentally shooting into the street. Of course my neighbors thought I was nuts when I pulled the car around and proceeded to parallel park it in my driveway, but so what? (I am nuts, though not about this, I feel this particular paranoia is based solidly in common sense.)

3 thoughts on “Daddy saves the day!”

  1. Hi, my name is Amy, and I too am a paranoid mommy. And I believe there is nothing wrong with it. 🙂 Hope your cold goes away quickly, that you keep it to yourself to avoid sick kiddos and that Marlena enjoys her scooter without having to get bandaids on her knees. Way to go daddy! 🙂

  2. Hi! My name is NOT Amy 🙂 But..I am paranoid on quite a few things and suprisingly lax on others. I hope you feel better soon! We have gone through several scooters at our house. The ROCK!

  3. Parking the car there is a great idea! Our neighbors leave a big orange cone at the border to remind their child (who is easily distracted) to stop.

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