Life is a lot like Tetris…

Except it doesn’t damage your thumbs (if you are lucky). The various things you have to do in a day come falling down from the sky and it is up to you to move them into place before they stack up, causing utter and complete chaos. Note: You can actually play Tetris from my blog, just click on the game in the left hand column.

I love being a mom. I would never change my children, or go back to what life was like before they came along. I love being a wife, and I do not want to imaging life without my husband. I love my cats, and my dogs. I love their furry cuddliness (cats) and their unconditional love (dogs). I love being a lawyer, and I would not want to change professions. That being said…

There are times when I feel as though I have to run as fast as I can, all day long, just to keep all the balls I am juggling up in the air. I am often up late into the night just doing the little things I didn’t get to during the day.

My days start way too early, most of the time, and I am required to be alert and capable long before I am actually capable of doing so.

On weekday mornings I wake up about 6:30, feed Oliver, feed Marlena, change Oliver, feed Oliver again, dress Oliver, help Marlena get ready, make the coffee, bolt down cereal, scald my mouth with the aforementioned coffee, make Marlena’s lunch, insure her backpack is appropriately stocked, hop into the shower, dress, get Oliver in the stroller, walk Marlena to school, and walk back. It’s now about 8:40 am.

If Oliver naps, I can work a little, or blog a little, or drink coffee and stare at a wall. If he doesn’t nap I can nurse him and watch ER, or play games with him, or toss him in the exersaucer and work while he plays.
When Marlena is home there is snack to be made, homework to be done, errands to be run, and dinner to be prepared.
Laundry gets thrown in there at times, as does swiffing the house, changing the catboxes, etc.
After Lee gets home and the bedtime rituals are over I will put a few hours in on legal work, or housework, or our relationship.

The weekends aren’t much different, except that Marlena is here with us, as is Lee, and there is a lot more game playing. Today Marlena set up domino castles and Oliver and I knocked them down. I also did laundry, cleaned and vacuumed, organized old baby clothes by size for giving away, and tidied up.

I am sure I feel this more today because Oliver was up past one am last night and awoke before seven. Still, there are times when “flight of the bumblebees” feels like my theme song, and it seems as though there are miles to go before I sleep.

4 thoughts on “Life is a lot like Tetris…”

  1. I’m sorry!

    I wish I could say “It will get better.”, but really I don’t know when that will be either. When they go to college?

    When they invent the Rosie The Robot that everyone can afford? That would be nice!

  2. Catt,
    I know you’re frazzed, but you’re doing such a good job. I’m so PROUD of you, as is your dad. The only thing I can think to suggest at the moment is to fix (or help Marlena fix) her lunches at night, and have her set out her clothes at night as well. Anything you don’t have to do in the a.m. is to the good.
    Hugs & kisses & I love the new graphics. Best blog ever, girl.

  3. I know how you feel… and am exhausted just hearing about it! I hope it helps that I feel your pain!! Sometimes I have to just let things go… clutter… dust… etc. It’s tough for me and my OCD personality but it’s either that or go insane. And I do like feeling sane. 😀

  4. Miles to go before I sleep…I know, I’m in the same spot much too often. I survive the early mornings by preparing the night before (making lunches, setting the table for breakfast, etc.). It still feels like I’m juggling oranges most of the time and dreading the days that someone tosses me a watermelon.

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