It’s a contest!

Inspired by my love of the environment, a strong sense of frugality, and this article in Craft, I have decided to hold a contest!

Yes indeedy! I want to know what you all do with those pesky left over plastic grocery bags. Do you crochet them into dresses? Use them to leave yards clean while walking dogs? Create your own large scale parachute? Tell me!

Beginning on September 21st (our wedding anniversary) and running through October 21st, I will be accepting photos of you recycling those pesky plastic bags. After October 21st, I will post the pictures on the blog and let you all vote for the two most creative uses of pesky plastic bags. The winners will receive a recycled PET dual handled tote, made most appropriately out of recycled plastic bottles and containers.

The bag is made by ACME Bags. It is made of 98% post consumer recycled materials, and is a strong, durable, and lovely fabric. It is machine washable, and of strong enough construction to hold up to the grocery grind. The fabric used to make one bag reclaims about 10 recycled plastic bottles/containers. The company also donates 1% of all proceeds to the environment. Oh, and the bag is made with fair wages and labor practices.

So come join the contest! Email a picture of you recycling plastic grocery bags, along with a way in which you may be contacted to me at (Only one entry per person please!) I will collect the photos and post them for vote! May the most creative use win!

4 thoughts on “It’s a contest!”

  1. Have you seen the bags they have at Wegman’s? Very similar. I use them now instead of plastic bags. I am proud of myself for not collecting them anymore. It is nice to still have a few around for small trash bags and occasionally I have to intentionally get them at the store.

  2. I am proud of you too!
    Maybe I should include pictures of people not using plastic bags as well…. in order to promote not using them.

  3. I actually don’t use them… I have cloth bags that I bring to the store! The ones I do happen to bring home (due to a quick trip and forgotten bags) end up being home to discarded kitty poop. And I don’t believe I have any pics of that. 🙂
    But I love this idea!

  4. Gimme a couple of days a hot glue gun and some bags and Mallory will have a prom dress!!! Ok – I am guessing that you are looking for more realistic, practical things….. 🙂

    We generally shop at Costco and they don’t even give bags for your food……. And people still shop there – maybe other stores should follow suit.

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