A morning without coffee is like sleep…

As a wise anonymous person once said, and this morning is no different! I am so tired, there is simply no way I would be awake at all without my hot, fresh cup of Dunkin Donuts Original Coffee Blend. Mmmm…. coffee.

Why am I so tired? Well thank you for asking!

Oliver went to bed late last night after a couple of attempts at a solid Linda Blair Pea Soup impersonation. I don’t know what was going on with him, he was calm as ever, but after nursing right before bed he smiled, coughed, and spewed about two cups of milk all over the bed, me, and his father. He looked a little surprised for a moment, but then smiled at me.
We cleaned everything up, and of course, he was starving, so we nursed a little more, with frequent breaks for burping. He seemed okay, that is until he coughed, and spewed another copious amount of breastmilk onto the bed. Once again, he was calm as can be.

Thankfully he did not continue to spew, as he was once again hungry, having emptied his tummy completely. Still, it was closer to 1 am before we went to sleep, and 7 am came awfully early this morning.

He seems okay now too, no more exorcist moments, though he is a little tired and cranky from the lack of sleep.

My computer is still iffy, but thankfully my husband has lent me the use of his, so I may continue to publish stories about baby’s bodily fluids!

5 thoughts on “A morning without coffee is like sleep…”

  1. Shane went through a similar round of throwing up everything while your mother was in the hospital with her appendix out. I became an expert on projectile vomiting and everybody muttered “colic” at me. It turned out to be that he had a muscle obstructing the path from his stomach to the small intestine and couldn’t get food to pass out of his stomach. Since about 1946, there has been a simple operation to take care of this, they just cut through it. You’d think it would grow back, but it doesn’t. Left untreated over time, this is very serious. My friend, Paul Danish, was very short and stunted because he had this problem a few years before they figured out what to do with it. If this recurs, yell at the doctors about it because your brother definitely had that problem and the symptom sounds the same.

  2. Poor Oliver and poor mommy and daddy! Hope he’s all better today… We had tummy issues yesterday as well. Blech.

  3. This is the only time he has done this, so I am hoping it’s nothing like Shane’s issue, though we have been watching him.
    I did eat ice cream yesterday, though he has never vomited as a result of me consuming dairy before. The poopy that beats all poopy’s is more his style when faced with whey protein.
    It seemed as though he was gagging on phlegm from his cough, and that was making him spew.
    He has been fine today though, no more vomiting.
    If it continues, I will be in the doctor’s office posthaste!

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