Photos photos everywhere, and not a file to edit.

My mac is repaired, but the photo library has nothing in it. Somehow either I or my mac erased four years of pictures. To add insult to injury, my backup program, that I faithfully used everyday, isn’t restoring the pictures. I would be crying my eyes out over the lost photographic bounty if there weren’t a few silver linings to my stormy computer horizon.
I am a prolific techno-crafter. I love to turn photos into DVDS, web albums, etc. I have about six solid DVDS with pictures on them that I have made for father’s day, wedding anniversary, and simply my own pleasure. Therefore, many of the best and most important pictures are still on those DVDs, simply waiting to be reintroduced to my iphoto. I also have several online photo albums set up in my .mac account. These date back years, so they will have many of the most emotionally valuable pictures. I also was able to recover a few hundred photos from other libraries on my mac. Best of all, my iPod has all the photos from 2003 through the beginning of August. I used it as a last ditch back up mechanism, and to show people pictures of the family while I travel.

Of course, now I have to figure out if there is some way to transfer all those lovely images from my iPod back into a form where they can be edited and printed, without eradicating them the moment I plug the iPod into the mac and the auto-update begins.

I am thinking I will see if I can download them on to Lee’s or Marlena’s computer first, as they claim you can use your iPod to transfer files to a new computer, but I am going to wait until my computer-savvy hubby gets here. This little batch of photos would represent my last back up set, so I refuse to touch them without assistance from a professional.

On another upside, there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with my mac otherwise, it is running just fine and the hard-drive doesn’t seem to be failing. It may just be that something glitched when I uploaded the new iPhoto program. Happily, this means I am back online and able to work (and Blog)!

4 thoughts on “Photos photos everywhere, and not a file to edit.”

  1. Hooray for being back online! 🙂 Boo for lost pictures, but yay that you can find a way to save them… I’d be devastated if I lost my pictures! I keep them online (, printed in photo albums, as well as on the hard drive.

  2. I really should follow in your stead and load them all. I have gotten lazy over the past year or so. I take so many, as does my hubby.

  3. Computers baffle me, but whew! at least you still have most of your pics. It is for this reason that I also have SO many picture cd’s and hard copies of all the really good shots. I would be devastated beyond functioning if I lost all of my kids’ pictures.

  4. This just happened to me. When my mac loses power I guess. it erases either all of my itunes or now all of my photos. I am crushed and ready to throw this $2000. piece of garbage in the dump!!

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