Fellow babies unite!

Join the “Up with Babies!” campaign today!
Join me as I fight to insure that no babies are ever put down anywhere, ever again!
No more cribs, no more naps on the couch, or the bed, from now on we will only accept cuddles, baby wearing, and co-sleeping!
If we fall asleep while in the johnny jump up, we will no longer stand to be placed in a safe, comfortable place to continue our nap! We want to stay in the johnny jump up! Or better yet, in your arms, as you pace back and forth across the floor.
Any deviation from these demands will be met with unceasing crying and tearful faces. We have the power of guilt and sound on our side! These demands will be met!

Otter seemed to say…

2 thoughts on “Fellow babies unite!”

  1. I’m so sorry! I, unfortunately, have nothing useful to suggest, since I am at the whims of two small piranhas. They are OK with being left in cribs or on sofas for very short time periods but sleep the best (~3 hours) on your chest.

    By your chest of course I mean mine.

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