Thank you Bill Cosby…

My daughter is upstairs cleaning her room.
Happily, cheerfully, and well.
Oh, and I only had to ask her once.

Why is this miracle of motherhood occurring?

It is occurring because of Little Bill, a lovely cartoon created by Bill Cosby.

Little Bill is taught how to make cleaning fun by his great-grandma, Alice the Great. She teaches him how to Zippity Zoo his room, and they have fun putting the room to rights.

“1..2.. zippity zoo.” She says, as she places a shoe into the closet.

So now Marlena is upstairs, singing “Pillow… pillow… zippity zillow” as she zippity zoos her room to rights. I didn’t even have to borrow the idea from the show. I asked her to clean her room, and she said “I will zippity zoo it right now!”

Bless you Bill. Bless you.

One thought on “Thank you Bill Cosby…”

  1. Wow – isn’t it hit or miss on what works with kids!

    Enjoy your Bill Cosby moment!!

    Love ya lots, miss ya.


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