Thanks for all the fish!

You know, this was a wonderful birthday, despite all it’s attempts to be rotten.

I went to dinner on Wednesday with the kids, my darling hubby, and my roomie, only to have the Oliver man cry through the whole meal and Marlena pull her best “I won’t be eating” madness. But the conversation was good, the food was good, and I got to have some pumpkin spice beer.

As the day of my party approached, I began to miss Nick again pretty badly, and got to a point a few hours before the party when all I really wanted to do was go lie down and cry. Then I managed to seriously injure myself with the combination of a fan and mop. I was emptying the bucket with the mop still in it when the fan hit the mop handle and smacked it into the side of my face. It hurt. It left a welt, began swelling immediately, and we contemplated canceling my party due to the huge and instant headache. I cried for a little bit, got gently patted by Marlena, and felt generally sorry for myself.

Then I sat with ice on it for a while and had some Ibuprofen. Once the party began I started feeling a little better and began to enjoy myself with good friends, yummy beer, and tasty treats.

I had a super rich chocolaty cake, pumpkin spice ale, brownie bites, cape cod chicken salad on buttery garlic herb crackers, fresh crisp snow peas, crunchy chips, spicy meatballs, and more. I got to talk with friends I don’t see very often and sit back and relax a little. I was showered in love and presents all week long.

I got cards snuck into diaper bags and sent in the mail, hugs and kisses in person and over the phone, a new hard drive to preserve my memories on, a new clicky button thing for my car to make life more convenient, a dinner with the family, a massage to relax my body, romantic candles sticks with lovely candles to be mellow with, mums to brighten my day and muffins for a yummy breakfast, chocolate to spoil myself with and a panda to support my cause, a cookie basket to cheer me and sweeten my day, special birthday earrings to add a little flair, and an amazing outpouring of love to fill my heart and raise my spirits!

Boy! There is nothing better than a birthday to make a girl feel special!

Thanks to all my friends and family who celebrated with me, and all my friends and family who couldn’t, but sent their love. Thanks for letting me know that I am special to you and loved by you!

4 thoughts on “Thanks for all the fish!”

  1. You have simultaneously made me very hungry with your vivid descriptions of goodies and made me ache for a real arms around you hug. So sorry to hear about the fan/mop injury, so happy to hear that you were the object of many expressions of love. Here’s another. ((())) XXXX

  2. You are special dear!! Here in Colorado we ate cake too – in celebration of your birthday. Happy Birthday – I would mail you a piece of cake but not only did we eat it all, but we got sick from it 🙂

    Oh – and mailing it might be gross.


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