Leaps and Bounds…

My life is usually a fast paced mess of showers, dressing, washing, messing, cleaning, cooking, eating, playing, etc. It is full of kisses, both passionate and skilled and gooey and snot coated. My days contain many hugs, stories, and showing off of new skills. It is a full life, and often, a really busy one. Therefore, I do not always notice the small changes.

This weekend I was blessed to be aware enough to catch two small changes in my son. The first, a day spent finding everything funny and laughing. He has found things funny from time to time, and has tried out his laugh before, but Saturday was spent with Oliver laughing uproariously at everything that happened around him. It was as though he had figured out what humor was and was bound and determined to explore it. The rest of us were enchanted with his gurgling baby giggle, and enjoyed hearing it over and over again. Marlena discovered that she could make Oliver laugh by playing with her magnets, so she obliged many times.

The second change I noticed was Oliver noticed I was leaving for the first time and missed me for the first time. Now, he has missed “the Boob” before, and has complained mightily of its absence once I have returned. However, last night on my way to coffee Oliver looked at me, realized I was leaving, and began to make small whimpering sounds. When I returned, he looked over his Dad’s shoulder, made his cutest sad face, and reached his little arms out to me. He did not try to nurse right away or start banging on my chest, he just snuggled. He missed me, not just my milk, but me.

It felt so good to have evidence that we have a relationship that goes beyond care-taking. I saw behavior from my son that clearly told me he likes having me around, for me. His actions yesterday bespoke a new awareness, and while I am probably entering the phase of babyhood when my going anywhere without him means tears and fits are sure to ensue, I am still pleased and touched that he actually missed me.

4 thoughts on “Leaps and Bounds…”

  1. That is SO sweet!!! I loved getting to see your kids on the video ~ watching them interact like that was just wonderful! I’m sure he’s missed YOU for a long time… but hunger sometimes comes first? Anyway, glad you got to experience that… that first of many many miss you’s. 🙂

  2. misty!!!
    it is suzie..Lee’s cousin…I’m trying to get in touch with Lee and my parents are worthless…my dad gave me a number that just rings and rings, and then some mile long email address or some such craziness. Please tell my cousin that my sister and I have been thinking of him and fretting over his emotional well-being. We are so sorry about Aunt Kate, and know he is too we all loved her very much and are sorry that he and she had to endure this just awful end. I am relieved for everyone that she has been released. My Dad is really shut down about this…he just doesn’t talk about it..surprise surprise. I can’t imagine losing a sibling…much less a mother. Please tell him that I love him very much and can’t wait to see y’all on Thanksgiving. Lydia and Elise are stoked to see Marlena and our new cousin( who, by the way, is precious). We have lots of room here and I know Lydia would be delighted to have Marlena et al spend the night. I have a pack and play too, which I never use, so please don’t lug one down from New Jersey. Love to everyone,
    Lee, I’m so sorry..I wish so much had been different, I don’t even know where to begin. Love you. Suzie

  3. oh…my number is 757 361-6894, and my email is marsh18@cox.net…it is weird, Lee and I have largely comminicated through our parents, and now it seems most prudent to have one another’s info, so as to not have to google to find him…suzie

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