300, Virginia Beach, and pumpkin poo.

Happy 300th Blog Post! Thanks to everyone who has thought me interesting enough to read. I can hardly believe I have come up with 300 things to say!

I hope you all had a happy thanksgiving. We drove up to Virginia Beach to spend the Holiday with our Aunt, Uncle, and Cousins. It was a lovely journey, beginning on Wednesday at 9:45 am, when we all got in the car with our luggage, snacks, and baby jump system and began the 6 and a half hour trek to VA. The trip in was amazing, Otter didn’t cry much at all, Monkey didn’t complain much at all, and Lee and I were gazing at each other in wonder as we realized we actually enjoyed a long drive with our children.

During my crazed pumpkin pie making I had whipped up a pumpkin custard for Otter to eat while we made the epic journey. I loaded it into a little pink tupperware container and packed it into the diaper bag. We stopped at Taco Bell for lunch (yes it is the only place we can get anything resembling southwestern mexican food in the East), and I opened the container to begin feeding Mr. O.

Lee took one look at the brown, gloppy, swirled custard, and said “You can’t feed him that, it looks like poo”.

I looked down at the custard, “but it’s not poo, it’s custard, and we know that”, said I as I scooped some up in his little spoon and started to feed him his lovingly handcrafted holiday custard.

The problem was, it really did look like poo. It looked a lot like poo. In fact, it looked so very much like poo that I couldn’t feed it to him, so I threw the custard out and gave him a packet of Mum-Mums. (That was a waste of an hour and a half of culinarily expressed love.)

We continued on our way, stopping for gas at a lovely little dive right next to an amazing sunset. Both Monkey and I went snapping away at the sunset with our cameras (She received my old one when I bought the SLR). Collectively we must have taken a hundred pictures. I had more fun photographing her than I did photographing the sunset.

We got on our way again, arrived around dinner time and settled into Aunt Letitia and Uncle Jack’s comforting hospitality.

On Thursday we went over to Lee’s cousin Suzie’s house, and played her favorite game, “Exhaust the Children.” She oohed and ahhed over Otter, and threatened to gobble up his thighs a few times. He really took to her, and enjoyed watching Monkey run around with Lydia and Elise, her cousins.

Afterwards we went back to Jack’s and Letitia’s for a delicious turkey dinner, with all the fixins, and pie. Lots of pie. There was pumpkin and soy pumpkin pie (courtesy of me), Pecan pie (courtesy of Suzie), and Apple pie (courtesy of Ruth). All of them were yummy, and even my separate pie stomach was taxed with the effort of tasting them all.

The trip was very pleasant, and I have more to share, but currently a certain young man is telling me to hurry up and nurse, so more later!

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  1. Sounds like a good time was had by all.

    The trip back must have been easy too. Traveling can be so stressful. I am glad to hear the kids cooperated for you.

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