No rest for the wicked…

Okay, it’s been days since I have had more than a handful of hours of sleep at night. Otter is waking up at four a.m. to nurse, and last night, he was up all night. Either he is in a growth spurt, or my life is about to get very interesting.


Well, to continue the fun of Thanksgiving…

On Friday we went to Suzie’s for the night, and enjoyed watching the children run and play. We put all three girls in sleeping bags in Elise’s room for bed, and they were quite happy with their slumber party. However, Monkey came into the living room about Ten p.m. in tears, saying “Mommy, Lydia is asleep and Elise is asleep and I want to be asleep but I can’t fall asleep!” I made a little nest for her in Lydia’s room and tucked her in. She was out almost immediately.

We went to a bouncy gym with the kids on Saturday. What a genius idea that is, a huge warehouse full of large bounce castles, mazes, and slides. It was an instant hit with the children, and they ran around like fiends. Even Otter enjoyed a little bounce.

After the gym we grabbed some yummy southern BBQ and headed back to Jack’s for a quiet evening, a delicious pot roast, and packing. Otter chose to spend Saturday night not sleeping at all, so I was a joy for the long drive home on Sunday, but even so, it was pretty mellow. Otter and Monkey were both a little cranky, but really, what can one expect from children cooped up in a car at the end of a family trip?

Well… Sir Cranky Sleepless Hunger Fiend is crying again, so I am off a’milking.

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