I never want to be touched again.

Seriously. Ever.

After days of insatiable nursing beginning in the haunting hours of the night and continuing in earnest until the rest of the house wakes up, I never want to be touched, by anyone, ever again.

By the time Otter is finished with his 4 a.m. to 7 a.m. nurse, I am ready to push all creatures as far away from me as possible and flee to a land where I am the only sentient object for miles.

My bones begin to feel as though they want to leap out of my skin and run away.

Of course, I can fall back on my wealth of patience and energy to get me through this trying time…. oh wait… I have no patience, I have no energy!! I haven’t slept well in months, and I have slept incredibly poorly over the last week.

I’m a Mommy on the Edge people!!!

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